Sunday, February 11, 2007


The blinking cursor spun in my head like a silhouette of euphoric dancing clowns in a circus.

I suddenly saw her, calling and seducing me, pleading me to lie on top of her.

I saw them too, wailing at the top of their lungs, (or so I thought) telling me to satisfy them with my soft hugs.

I was hesitant, even shouting inside my head for them to stop for I cannot please them tonight.

"No, not tonight. I’m sorry, I just can’t."

But I can’t just ignore them! I have to do something.

I have humanly urges, too. And even my complex, dominant brain has no control to make it stop.

I gave in and decided to lie on top of you.

Felt you with my hands.

Hugged your soft features.

Oh how your wholeness blanketed my weary nothingness!

How everything felt so serene and peaceful.

Now I am silently falling..

falling into the abyss that you made for us.

I’m losing control.

I need to take hold and regain my emotions before the oblivion sets in.

But I can’t.

I lost and simply had to give in.

Bukas na lang yung assignment, sarap matulog sa kama.


Athena said...

Ayoko magcomment. Ahaha... Syet ka.

havefaith...sohaveme said...

al al ano na naman yan?
kakaporn mo kasi yan eh.hihihi.;)
im glad u r writing agen.;)

Anonymous said... anong ibig sabihin nun? dinugu lang ilung ko e. so deep ka ganun? tae.


Asignatura said...

@Athena: Hehehe green minded!

@Patima: isa png green minded!

@mulate: op cors. level 3 REM.

rosas said...

bastos! hahaha

Asignatura said...

@Rosas: Isa ka pa. Manyak.

Anonymous said...

so kmsta naman, umabot ba ng langit.. sey

Asignatura said...

@sey: malamang. nakatulog ako eh. hehe.

rosas said...

wooshoo nakatulog daw,,,lolz ka...

Anonymous said...

Ang libog mo!!! Palipasin mo na yan! Masamang maipon yan!

Asignatura said...

@rosas: manyak manyak manyak

@bob: mas manyak ka sakin. i am not worthy.

rosas said...

hoi ulolz...di ako manyak...ikaw nga jan eh..

RV said...

manyak manyak manyak!!!!!!!

Asignatura said...

@rosas: ganyanan na. iwanan na. tsk. ahetchu.

@rv: i am not worthy *bow*