Thursday, March 27, 2014

Last Day

Ang panget ng drawing ni Precious eh, mukhang tsong-go!” I tried not to laugh, I really did but I can’t help asking myself how a child this young can say something so unpleasant. I mean, if it was an adult who said it, meh, big deal. You’re an adult, act like one, you immature prick. But it was a kid, and kids aren’t supposed to say such things. I was obedient as a child but if my memory serves me correct, I do recall some of my pre-school classmates to be restive and difficult to control. Either way, I found the situation hilarious so I went on and just laughed about it.

I was getting comfortable with the kids, but unfortunately, today would be my last time to teach them art. Today, it was all about “Dioramas” and even without Kath, I was able to give the kids the instructions about what they needed to do. I got Bob to help; he was there to assist, same as with Vincent and Ed (thank you guys for dropping by!)

I could tell how much they enjoyed making the diorama. From a flat piece of paper, we were able to make their drawings stand up and make a somewhat close impression of their little community inside a shoebox with some cutouts of houses, the GK School, trees, some really big flowers, a sleeping dog, and something that’s supposed to resemble a tricycle.

From my experience, I learned that like adults, children have their own personalities. Mix those personalities to the environment that they are growing up in, as well as their upbringing, and you get yourself an interesting character. Some of their actions may seem senseless to us adults but to them, it makes perfect sense and it is the right thing to do. Like I have said, they are just kids being kids.

I like kids now, and I would like to think that I understand them a bit better.

It will be their graduation the following week, I wish them all the best, and may all of them have a bright future ahead.

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