Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Crossroads with a Detour.

5 minutes of love. You know it’s there. You can feel that it’s there. You can see her jet-black flowing hair, waving like silk through the wind.

*4 minutes* She stares at you with those almond shaped eyes, trying to analyze every contour of your face. Trying to record it in her memory before the time is up.

*3 minutes* You stare at her from head to toe, Shoulder to shoulder. Her body built was just right. You were thinking of asking her name. But you can’t.. you just can’t. She was the prettiest girl you’ve seen but all you can do is just sit and stare.

*2 minutes* Time is running out. It’ll all be over soon. “Will he ask my name? Is he even going to remember me after all of this is over? What are you still doing there? C’mon, ask my name, NOW!”

*1 minute* “All of this will be over soon. But I never got a chance to ask her name. NO! I had all my chances.. but there’s really nothing I can do. If only I could..”

*30 seconds* “This is hopeless. He won’t ask my name. Ang torpe torpe naman nito" (stares outside)

*15 seconds* “Awwww. She’s already leaving! I still hope I could get her number.. or not. Damn, I suck! ”

*5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1… “Manong, Para po, Dyan na lang po sa tabi!”

Wala kasi akong maisulat eh. Nilagay ko na lang yung naiisip ko pag nakasakay sa jeep or sa bus or kahit saang lugar na pag may nakita kang tao eh malaki yung tyansa na hindi mo na siya makikita ulit.

I've accidentally erased my whole blog yesterday.. I was trying to edit the template (as usual, runung-runungan) when suddenly, I didn't realize that i've erased half of what's written on the template sheet and pressed save. hmm. Anong tawag dun? :p bagay na bagay ang pangalan ng blog ko sa akin.


Yano said...

wahehehe parang nareformat mga comments sa blog mo hehe

Asignatura said...

Amp na comment yan. Napansin ko din nung ginawa ko ulit yung acct ko eh. tsk tsk.

havefaith...sohaveme said...

uulitin ko ba ulit ang comment ko?
sori ngayun lang ang comment.;)
nangyayari rin sakin yan sa jeep.
di bale kapag nakasabay kita sa jeep, ako na kukuha ng number mo.

Asignatura said...

hehe. kakaiba ka talaga.

sappy maleen said...

uy~ la lan. parang may lump sa throat ko. hmf.

abi said...

i will have a short film version of that...nux
napaka cheesy mo talaga

Asignatura said...

Haha! eh kasi, Ideya ko yan. Indie film ba? balak ko din yan eh. Partners tayo. hehe.