Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"Hoy asan yung tangke ng gasul!!??? potangenang bata ito. Ang bata bata pa, masyado ka nang malilimutin!! Sabi ko, ilagay mo sa likod ng sasakyan di ba? Tangina talaga.(indistinct grumbling) Di ko malaman kung anong iniisip mo eh. Bata bata mo pa, ulyanin ka na!”(more indistinct grumbling) ... then silence at last..

Ako nga pala si Alan Tanga. Beinte-uno anyos, walang asawa, estudyante. ( I opened my mouth widely as I introduced myself in front of my classmates) What’s the use of introducing ourselves to people we don’t know and care about?? Is it for them to know us? Why do instructors think that by uttering a few words, people will know who or what we are? Ang tanga ano? Hehe. Baka nga naman standard procedure lang yun na kailangang sunurin para malaman yung pangalan ng kokopyahan mo ng assignment. Pero why don’t they provide us with name plates then? Maybe a big ass nameplate will do all the talking. But instead, all they give us is this puny ID card with a freakin 2 x 2 photograph (where I’m revealing my teeth and all), which will tell people that you came from a big ass institution and that you’re a respectable person.

..Sweet silence. The awkwardness in the air is nauseating. A thousand thoughts came running through my head. “Ano kayang iniisip nito.. bakit kaya siya galit na galit? puwede naman yun dalhin bukas o sa makalawa. Pero parang may mamamatay dahil hindi lang nadala iyong tangke na yun.”

Do my ass- this is how people pronounce my surname. It’s supposed to be *****. It was from the Visayan region, the place where peoples tongues blurt out a weird accent that are kind of.. really, really both ear shattering and satisfying at the same time. I used to get really pissed when people say my surname aloud like that. But my cousin told me that I have a kick ass surname so it’s all good. Keber ko. Ika nga ng erpats ni insan, wapakels.

Lunch time came.. He talked to me, finally. “kain na tayo, wala pa ang mommy mo. Kumuha ka ng plato dun.“ I guess his anger’s gone. Gone like fart that would disperse itself within the air after 10 seconds of annoying people, powered by the strong, wet stench that could launch a thousand shits. Lucky and blessed are those who are near the perimeter of the primitive and barbaric person who did the wicked deed. I can’t wait for him to get mad again. It’s kinda fun and amazing to observe people while they’re in their extremes. Might be an orgasm, or someone in an ecstatic mood or a suicidal tendency, it just never gets old. All is unique and varies deeply.

Two words: Career Path. I don’t really know where my life’s heading. It’s summer vacation and I’ve got nothing to do. I’m too lazy to work even though I was telling everybody that I’ll be applying for a job really soon. Fuck them. I don’t have to satisfy anybody anyway so it doesn’t really matter. (Although I still can’t stop thinking about getting a job and earning shitloads of money.. Now that would be something) crap. I’m running out of space..

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