Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Manong Isaw

"Kayo ba ay merong katanungan para maliwanagan ang inyong kaisipan?" My instructor's voice was soothing enough to make me forget that I was just a  "sit-in" on his class. I have a removal exam this coming May because my instructor from OU gave me a grade of 74.65. She could've just rounded it off to make it 75.00 flat to make things much, much easier and simpler for both of us. Kaso, hindi. EXT ang grade ko. Okay, sige. hmm...

I hate math. I despise math. And i'm pretty sure it feels the same way towards me. Who invented math? Why did they have to invent something that doesn't even exist in this tangible world? They always say that math exists everywhere. The food you eat (calorie intake), the shirt you are wearing (size and dimension of the shirt), the circumference of the tires of a car to make the car go faster, why the bee hive is hexagonal instead of being triangular or circular or whatever dumb shape it could have become.. Some people have way too much time in their hands. Adding up apples and oranges, seriously?

Just like math, Life is so full of measurements. You have to measure everything precise and accurate so that you won't end up begging for change in the streets. On second thought, maybe math is important after all. It can be applied to our lives so that we make life decisions better and faster. If things are logical and valid or if it's irrational and needs to be ditched.

"Hoy pare, inom tayo!" Bob and I went to LB square last Tuesday to unwind. We talked about anything that comes to mind then walked home tipsy and wasted. Makulit yata kami nung may tama na kami. Pati si manong mag-iisaw, kinukulit na namin:

Ako: Manong, wag masyadong sunog. carcinogenic ang karne pag sunog.
Bob: oo nga manong.
Manong: ah ayaw mo ng sunog? sige. (The pig intestine were in flames as he was saying this to me)
A: "Manong, Nasunog pa din.
M: Ok lang yan, ganyan din yung sa kenny rogers eh, di ba? Masunog-sunog.
B: hehehe
A: Manong, Asukal sa Marinade yung nasusunog sa kenny rogers eh
M: oo nga, dito din, ganon. (Fine, sure, I'm drunk.)
A: Manong, pakibalot na lang. kakainin na lang namin habang naglalakad
B: wag na, dito na lang natin kainin (nakatingin sa isaw at parang takam na takam)
M: ah, dito na lang. san ko sawsaw?
A: Suka.. Ay matamis.. AY! pareho na lang. hehe.
B: hehehe
A: (Habang Kumakain) Pare, kilala mo si Aling aning?
B: (thinking)
M: Ahh.. si Aning's Flower shop. Yung nagtitinda ng bulaklak.
A: Oo manong, kilala mo pala. Tiga-dito kasi kami talaga sa LB eh. Dyan ako kay ******
M: ah, kay *****.
B: Sikat pala kayo pare eh.
A: Hindi ha. Bakit yung K*****? si L*** *******.
B: hehe
A: Lolo (di ata ako naririnig ni manong isaw) ko yung dating chief of police dito. Si Fernando.
M: Ahh.. Tatay mo pala yun.
A: Lolo ko po. Patay na yun eh.
M: Ahh. andito ako sa LBDH (Los BaƱos, Doctor's Hospital) nung namatay yun. Inoperahan.
A: Komplikasyon po sa Diabetes ang ikinamatay nun, sa bahay po nila namatay.
M: (ngingiti-ngiti na lang.)
A: isa na nga lang ulit nung tig-tatatlo sampu, manong." (Puro ka ento, walang enta.)

Ayun lang. Parang tanga ang math.

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