Monday, May 29, 2006


..I saved you and I changed you. I've risked it all. I saw what you really are. I even know you at your Prime. I made you feel at your best. I know who you are. But you were hurting me. I left you. You felt miserable and you want me back. I moved on, trying to tell myself that I don't want you anymore. You've been doing well. So well, you forgot me. You forgot your "big" problem. You forgot what we had. Who I am. What I was to you. You're hurting me. I snapped. I did not cry. And I'm still doing my best not to. I don't want to look weak. I've managed to suppress this pain inside me without letting you know how much it hurts. How much it's killing me. Now I want you back. But you're gone, and nowhere to be found. You left me all alone. I'm all alone and I'm thinking about you. How pathetic.. You're gone, yet you're still hurting me. I guess that's life. Everything changes, nothing lasts forever, and I was wrong. I still haven't moved on. All this time, it was you. It was you all along.


havefaith...sohaveme said...


sappy maleen said...

remember, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with her.
al al~
cheer up~

Asignatura said...

@havfaith_havme: Sapul.

@sappy maleen: Siguro.

chumsychums said...

masarap umiyak. di yun kahinaan.

Asignatura said...

Sa inyo. Mga Girlash kasi kayo. hehe. Iba sa kaso ng mga lalaki. Pinapakita mo lang na umiiyak ka sa mga taong sobrang importante sayo at pinagkakatiwalaan mo. :p

chanak said...

mE? hehehehehe grabe.....grabe....c ano ba to..ohhhh....babalik yun...grabe...pinatatawanan kita! hahahahahahahaha ang DRAMA! it was youuuuuu it was youuuuuu ol along...ang cuteeeeeeeeeee parang c enna