Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Job Hunting

Bob and I went to this call center in the middle of nowhere within Santa Rosa, Laguna yesterday to apply for a job. When we got there, this ominous-looking fenced structure, which was surrounded by vacant lots and hectares upon hectares of grasslands stood before us. Good thing, it was also along the national highway so it’s really easy for anyone to spot it. Even the Jeepney drivers and the dispatchers in the terminal, knows that it’s a call center.

Anyway, as we entered the building, we were given an application form to fill-out. I searched for an empty seat across the room and at the same time, saw the other applicants being called out one by one for their interviews. I can't help but notice this guy in front of me because he was scratching his head a bit too much. His eyebrows were crooked from too much strained thinking. I saw him stand up only to sit slowly beside me. He then looked at me and asked: “Pare, ano ba yung CSR? Di ko kasi alam eh. Kinopya ko lang dun sa nakita kong papel.” I told him that it stands for Customer Service Representative (what a…) Why the fuck are you trying to get a job here? He should have at least made a little research about the company he's trying to apply to. What the fuck does he think he'll do here, sell canned-goods and frozen meats or something? Jeez.

After passing our completed application forms, the front desk officer inspected it for a moment, paused for a second, then immediately told Bob and I that they don’t hire students. “I’ll see if it’s okay with the management, though.” So, we stayed for the interview.

Once done with our interviews, they told us that they’d be calling at around 7PM to let us know whether we passed the evaluation interview or not. Fuckers never called. Haha!

When we were riding the Jeepney towards home, there was this gay person who covered his chest/breast/chreast (whatever they are) when he climbed the steps. I was like "DUDE. What the fuck are you trying to cover!? Must be some sort of a mannerism, I guess. Just laughed it off and didn't think too much about it after. I’m so looking for a job right now. I really don’t have to, but I felt that I really need to earn my own money.

The next day, my mom told me that a Manila-based call center will be opening an office right here in LB. So again, Bob and I went to the place to find out if we can apply for a job. The building had a beauty parlor on the first floor. There was no choice but to ask the gay person standing there, puffing a smoke.

Alan: Hmm.. puwede po magtanong?
Badaf: (Startled look on his face) Anwo yown?
A: Ahhh.. may malapit po ba na call center dito?
B: Merown. Kaswo, hindi fa bukwas. Swa second flowr yun eh. May Seminwar swa May 15.
A: Ah ganun po ba. Eh san po kaya puwede magpasa ng resumè?
B: (Points inside the parlor) Sa amwin, Sa loowb.
A: (Napakamot ng ulo) Ahh.. sige po. Salamat.
B: Sigwe.
A: Ay teka lang po. Anong oras po kaya yung orientation?
B: Hindwi kwo alwam. (Stares away as if he suddenly lost the interest to whatever I was asking about.)

Hehe.. Naisip ko lang. Baka kapag nagpasa ako ng resume dun sa parlor, baka maging tiga-kulot ako o kaya manikurista. Naisip ko lang naman. hehe.

Someone hire me, will work for food.

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Anonymous said...

r u still lookin for a job??
umm.. that makes the 2 of us :P